Commands & keys

Here you will find a list of every commands & keys usable on the server.

Note: all commands can be bind to a key using /bind key command and unbind using /unbind key


Command Effect
/boat Spawn a boat (Dinghy) if the player is in the water next to him
/car Spawn a car (Blista Compact) next to the player
/dd Start or join a Destruction Derby Event
/disableweapon Opens a window that allow you to disable specifics weapons on spawn
/drop Drop the weapon you are holding
/dropCase Drop the Briefcase
/drugs Sells drugs to a player close by, works only for Civilian Team
/ejectorSeat Activates Ejector Seats buyable from the Special Shop
/endbase Ends the base if you started it
/fix Repair a car's engine for free (60 seconds cooldown)
/flashBomb Activates a Flash Bomb buyable from the Special Shop
/flip Flips your car when upside down
/gold player Show how much gold bar a player owns
/gps Open/close the GPS window
/heal Heals a player close by, works only for Mexican Team
/hit player ammount Places a bounty on a player's head
/hits Returns a list of players with a bounty on their heads
/kill Kills yourself if you are not to close from an other player
/kills Show kills stats window
/log out Log you out and turns auto login off
/mediPack Uses a medipack buyable from the Special Shop
/online name Shows money related stats for the specified name
/parachute Gives a parachute to the player (60 seconds cooldown)
/race Opens the race window
/rcBomb Activates a RC Bomb buyable from the Special Shop
/regplayer Opens the clan protection window (only available for clan leader)
/repairVehicle Repairs your spawned vehicle for $250
/seen player Shows when a player was last seen on the server
/showtuning slot Shows tuning for the specified slot
/superNitro Activates super nitro buyable in the Special Shop
/startbase Start a base
/vehicleLocator Activates a Vehicle Locator buyable from the Special Shop


Key Effect
I Shows vehicles in range on the radar
N Arrest a criminal, works only for Cop Team
R reloads your weapon
Tab Shows the scoreboard
U Shows health pickups in range on the radar
F1 Shows RPG jobs window
F2 Shows my cars window
F3 Shows animations window
F4 Shows houses window
F5 Shows stats/items window
F7 Shows chatrooms / private messages window
F9 Shows help window
F10 Shows top scores window
F11 Shows the map