Before you spawn and join the deathmatch area you will have to choose your team. You have to choose between 7 playable teams with their own abilitys and weapons!
Please note that even players from your team are able and will try to kill you!

Team Ability Weapons
Army None 1x Katana, 100x Deagle, 500x M4, 1x Rocket Launcher, 30x Satchel
Civilians Sell drugs 100x Colt45, 100x Shotgun, 400x Uzi, 300x AK47, 30x Rifle
Cops Can arrest Criminals 50 Armor, 1x Nightstick, 400x Colt45, 30x Shotgun, 300x MP5, 150x AK47, 15x Teargas
Crusader None 100 Armor, 1x Shovel, 100x Silenced, 100x Sawed-off, 200x Tec-9, 300x Rifle, 600x Flamethrower
Mexican Healing Ability 1x Chainsaw, 100x Deagle, 600x AK47, 50x Shotgun, 15x Molotov, 600x Flamethrower
Sailor Health Regen 1x Golfclub, 100x Colt45, 20x Shotgun, 300x M4, 15x Grenade
Secret Service Agent None 1x Katana, 100x Colt45, 400x MP5, 300x Sniper, 15x Grenade, 1x NightVision
Spectator Allows to spectate players None