Special Shop

The Special Shop allows you to buy a lot of things such as chat icons, ejector seats, super nitro, medipacks...
There are 3 Special Shops, which are shown on the map as and are located in Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro.
All Special Shops have different items to buy so be sure to visit them all!

Chat Icons

In total there are more than 400 usable chat icons, once you unlock a 100 it unlocks them all. To unlock icons you need to complete a job and upgrade your chat icon in the Special Shop. Each time you unlock an icon, the price will go up by $1.000
You can select wich icon to use in the F5 window and you can request your own chat icon here


There are a lot of different items to buy from the Special Shop: medipacks, ejector seats, RC bomb, flash bomb, vehicle locators, weapons...
All of theses items have a cooldown of 30 seconds and are usable through the F5 window or using a bindable command.

RC Bomb

Ejector Seat

Buyable Items

Item Price Effect
AK47 $10.000 Gives a AK47 with 500 rounds
Desert Eagle $8.000 Gives a Desert Eagle with 250 rounds
Ejector Seat $2.000 Eject players from vehicle and give them a parachute
Flash Bomb $2.500 Place a Flash Bomb on the ground, detonates after 15 seconds
Hand Grenade $8.000 Gives 50 hand grenades
M4 Rifle $10.000 Gives a M4 with 500rounds
Medipack $2.500 Heals the player for 15 health point
Molotov Cocktail $5.000 Gives 50 Molotov Cocktails
MP5 SMG $12.000 Gives a MP5 SMG with 350 rounds
Oxfam Donation $100 - $1.000 Donate money to charity
RC Bomb $7.500 Creates a RC car with a bomb
Satchel Charges $10.000 Gives 50 Satchel Charges
Sawnoff Shotgun $7.500 Gives a Sawnoff Shotgun with 350 rounds
Shotgun $6.500 Gives a Shotgun with 350 rounds
Sniper Rifle $9.499 Gives a Sniper Rifle with 150 rounds
Spaz Shotgun $8.500 Gives a Spaz Shotgun with 350 rounds
Spray Can $2.000 Gives a Spray Can with plenty of spray
Super Nitro $2.000 5 seconds of Super Nitro boost
Teargas $9.000 Gives 50 Teargas
Tec-9 SMG $12.000 Gives a Tec-9 with 350 rounds
Upgrade Chat Icon $1.000 - $100k Unlock a new Chat Icon
Uzi SMG $12.000 Gives a Uzi SMG with 350 rounds
Vehicle Locator $2.000 Locates a vehicle you need