Base is a defender/attacker event, players defending the base have to survive while attackers have to kill the defenders. There can be only 1 base at a time and it last for 10 minutes unless the defenders died or left the base. Surviving the base as a defender or killing a defender as an attacker will reward you with money.
Only the best defenders will survive!

Find a base

Bases are displayed on the map & radar as a red zone and a , you can also see a list of the defenders and the time remaining until the end of the base under your weapons/money.

Start a base

You can start a base anywhere on the map using the command /startbase but due to too many abuses of bugged locations it is no longer possible to start a base in an underground location.

When starting a base you and players near you will be set as defenders, remaining players will be set as attackers. Starting a base will cost you money depending on the ammount of players in the server. The more players there are the more it will cost and the reward will be greater!

When starting a base a message in the chat will show the reward for defending the base while attackers will see the reward for killing a defender.

Ending a base

A base will end when all the defenders died / left the base or when the 10 minutes timer is over. Defenders that are still alive after the base ends will be rewarded.

If a defender attempts to walk out of the base area a message will warn him to go back in the base within 15 seconds. If he doesnt he will turn as an attacker.

The player that did start the base can also end the base using the command /endbase