A Briefcase full of money will randomly spawn on the map, the goal is to catch it and keep it for yourself until the end of the timer. The timer runs for 10 minutes, but be aware other players also want it and will try to steal it from you at all costs! Drive like your life depends on it!

Whenever the briefcase is available, a notification will show under the radar. If a player is currently holding the briefcase his name will be displayed.

To find the briefcase go towards the on the map. If the briefcase wasnt taken by a player yet, it will be inside a bank truck wich you will need to destroy to be able to take the briefcase.

Once the truck is destroyed the briefcase is available to be taken. Drive on the marker with your fastest car to get it, then drive as far and as fast as possible from other players!

While holding the briefcase you will be able to see the timer. If you or someone in the same car as you is holding the briefcase at the end of the timer you win and the money is equaly split between the players in the car. It will also count as 1 job completed.

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