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Character Information

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This topic is RPG about your character history information. Our old forums we had pic and info but most the pics were deleted but I wanted to keep there stories alive. Feel free to add a story.


im [UVA]Joker187 my wife is [UVA]Nicole im 5.8 lbs 140 brown hair green eyes i live in LV i run drugs out of my house [UVA]Nicole is my drug runner im lookin to get a gate an guards cuz times are hard i grow up on the streets stealin anything i could to make it to the next day im on the wost wanted for drug over lord im armed with tec an M4 likes b-ball an football hangin out at the club with my boyz i drive a jester hang out LV an SL

I am [UVA]Nicole i am married to [UVA]Joker i live in LV i run jokers an my drugs out of my house joker an i found eathother at the casino we both went to an hit it off really good from the start we got to talkin about what we did for a livein so we went a bought alot of property an started distrubuting our drugs all over the US like dancin an hangin out armed with M4 an Sniper hang outs are SL LV and i drive NRG

hi im [uva]marc. i'm 5'10 150 lbs, 23 years old....wasted right now cos been pub....really looking forward to eating sunday dinner. when im sober i am a private hitman....if u want someone killed come to me and i'll get the job done!! my friend joker sells good weed...he give u gd price. my right hand man is Moneer...he likes barcelona fc, tec 9 ammo and little boys i drive a sultan to work, where i deal roulette to my chinese brothers. In my spare time I usually hang out near the police station in los santos cos i'm an fbi informant and we're trying to crack down on the local gang/drug trade.

Hi i'm [UVA]Damion I grow up in lower east L.S near Grove st. were it's just another day when ppl are killen each other on my block.Ppl are crazy here some run in circle's in the street with tec's until one drops.Others hide beside building's and shot around the corner at anything that moves.Some will get on top of buildings and shoot you with a sniper riffle from a block away.I don't know how iv lived this long.I hang out with the fam and we put in work i got a hook up on some weed and a hitman named marc.So if you need something done then im your man just come to my house on jackson street it's the one with [UVA ]4 life on the door.

Hello my name is [UVA]Angel I am an executive of the agency CIA but also one of the bad boys UVA. I think that I possess one of the record of recruitment in the group with only 5 months of having played in the game. old times I control great part of "Las Venturas" and move only surprising the rival, I have a rapid and confused style of game and possess two skins (ID 2 and ID 33 ) but equal always it will walk uncovered by Los Santos and his surroundings... Now I am going to be more withdrawn of san andreas because I have things most important that to do. I will be visiting them often see ya later guys

Mak-The thunder roared as I drove down the streets of LS , people falling to their knees as my Sultan , made a drive-by , I am Mak M.A.K "Mak" , life is a hell hole , day and night fighting for your life , my best friend is my M4 and Sniper , I am a hired Sniper making hits from 100 yards away , people know me as Keyser Söze of San Andreas , I am a ghost , I live in a hut in the forests by Mt. Chiliad , You can't find me ... I find YOU ! The Street life is hard , i grew up as a member of Los Aztec's Of LS when Cesar Vialpando ruled , he was shot dead by a partner , ME ! , I ran ... they killed my love ones , I had revenge finished them all of , I disappeared , 5 years later Rider hired me for a job , He was impressed and invited me to join his group Atomic Total Gang Warriors [ATGW] a gang of convicts and escapees , running the streets of LS , I quickly became there Co-Leader ran the rackets , Life was good... It was a night like no other rain pouring like there was no tomorrow , a rival agency called San Andreas Enterprises Sanitary [SAES] a front for drug operations made a raid on my home on the hills in LS , I got away barely alive broke , I met the leader of Ultimate Vice Assassins [UVA] , Kev , He helped me get back to my feat , I became allies with the gang and we took on the streets of SA , took out rival gangs , made new associates such as Marc , Nicole , Dreamie , Scoob , Rider , a DJ named Bris and many others ... at the same time enemies. 2 weeks back they made a hit on my Girl Sara got me in my weak spot , she fell in a coma , I ran for the hills , But I am coming back for my revenge , They who made me suffer will now suffer …

Monster-When I first openned up my eyes, I found my self lost, without a family, without a goal.. My mother died at the hospital after my delivery. 21 years later, A group of [-Terrorists-] who took control of the Four Dragons Casino, killed all their hostages; my father was one of them. At that moment, I felt as if i've had nothing left, lived alone at Idlewood for two years, until a drug dealer named Joker jumped in to my backyard, asking for a hiding place after a short pursuit by the Los Santos Police, i've had noting left that mattered so i covered up for him and helped him out. He belonged to the Ultimate Vice Assassins ([UVA]). Later, one day, I was taken along to their master, nicknamed "Scooby"; no one really knew who he is, whats's his name, he always remained undercover.. He asked Joker to get me ready to work with them as i've already came to know about their secret, or else.. kill me.. I had no choice, I was then taught shooting and driving skills by their people and after weeks of sleepless nights and hard training; "The Monster" was ready, as they've given me my squad name. I've been taught how to live by the gun, ready to die for it, this is my destiny. My first job, accompanied by Richie and Nicole, was to assasinate a woman named Sara who worked for the ATGW, the blood thirsty feeling I got when i first killed a living thing was an unforgetable one, we never knew what we were doing; we had orders to follow.. And as our empire grew larger.. with many accomplishments, many deals, achievments; Joker and I became one of the best men. A year later, Joker fell for Nicole n' got married, they worked together at the same domain, but unfortunatly I had to leave and complete the career, the dream, growing to become ready to face the [-Terrorists-] who've once pulled me out of hope and made my world get darker. I am sure, that I will become ready to avenge the person i loved the most..

Im [UVAr]Mickey , fresh meat in UVA clan . Although my past wasnt such good n nice ... at night , when i just came on SA desert dropped from some goverment helicopter i felt like my body wasnt mine anymore ... cant remember any day before this . So i went somewhere , without any direction . I was walking and i heard something ... behind me , like 500 yards . I turned around and saw a motorcycle , without a driver , black as night itself , with red , fire lights . I was afraid , but i wasnt about to run . Bike stopped , i knew that it want me to drive it . I get on , it started to ride somewhere . I couldnt do anything , bike was driving for itself ... area became bright , but there wasnt any lattern near me ... i looked down ... wheels of bike were on fire , suddenly i saw fire everywhere , on my face . But it wasnt hot , i felt no pain . My hands was diffrent ... bones on fire . I was confused .It took me to the coast near bayside and i saw some lights near big boat between desert and San Fierro ... some spirit inside me demmand to go there and kill anyone who was inside it ....Suddenly , when i almost get there ... ive met a guy , Mustafa . Before he saw me , all flames was gone . He asked me to join their , hows it called : " base " . Spirit was gone ... same as bike . Ive met many guys from organization called UVA ( Ultimate Vice Assasins ) like Marc and Nicole . But one guy .... his name was Rumo . Spirit showed up and took control over my body ... Rumo was in clan , RSC . I asked him to join it , he agreed ... again fire spirit went away . Night was gone , new day came all over San Andreas . My body changed back , " Seems like the Demon which took contol over me last night is gone " . I was wrong ... it just slept away . After whole day with Mustafa and others , night has come . I went to sleep in my new house ( well it wasnt even a house , it was a camping car near Airport Cementery in LV ) . Was sleeping like 2 minutes ... and woke up in flames , fire bike destroyed walls and get through the camper . I get on and ride away . Cant remember anything else . I woke up in a middle of nowhere in LV , saw many dead bodies around .... I was hiding , trying to protect people from my deadly soul ... i was going to kill myself ... but i saw a guy in front of me . Never saw him before , but i felt like we know eachother . His name was Dreamie . He helped me to keep my demon asleep in my soul … He introduced me to many other UVAs , and the boss of it : mistery guy named Scooby . I knew that he didnt like me ... maybe he knew my secret of fire ... but somehow i get to UVA clan ... my spirit is sleeping and i hope that he wont wake up for good . Still my body is changing every night , but i have full control . And Dreamie ? He became my best friend , thanks to him i finnaly found myself . And a bike , i called him Apache , matches him fully .Sometimes you can see a fire far away on desert . Dont be scared . I wont hurt you , neither Apache .

Zimp- knowd as a rich guy the true abut his money come from his farm where he plant cannabis and more drugs even he sell food to burgershoot and get there lods of money.All his money he spends on houses he got round 20 houses some big some small most exspensive is 25M he got houses over 120m or some thing he havent count the cash he have spen on them in to his girlfrind leave him he was needed to make all tax papper work self realy hard for him.He chose to go to a bank and get a bank account to have hes big houses on.He give us some pic on hes farm. here where he plant the cannabis:) he got a realy good buy of the cannabis with name joker he dont want to say full name and he allways want it home drived in a truck he had money shoulder over 15m so he give me 2 houses to pay back one in LS and one in SF realy nice houses its says he is a guy with a bad temper kill 17k ppl 5k of them girls i have talk to lot of hes friends that say hes realy nice if you be 1 of hes close friends if you wana meet him he drive a withe sport car with smooth tires hedrift alot. or a chrome motor bike he not scarred for cops driving back wheel in city and do stunt on it up on roofs. says he is alot doing car jobs and earn money on it when cannabis season is over he have be on server for 2 years he have lot of stories he will tell us all.. to be continued all of them will come in time

Raptor-The Guardian 15.03.2011 Assassination at LS International Airport Yesterday, a leading employee of cluckin bell got shot by a assassin. The assassin used an American assault rifle and fired from approximately330 yards. The victim got hit in the scrag and two times in the head. As the police arrived, the rifleman has been escaped. The guardian 1.02.2012 Informations about secret training programm leaked The Central Intelligence Agency, also known as CIA, used to train agents for killing and interrogating suspected people. According to leading security experts, the agency has lost the contact to one of their operatives. As consequence of the proceedings, the agencys` ceo resigned. -Las Venturas- A fortnight after the massacre in front of the Four-Dragons-Casino unknown sources confirmed that the shooter passed CIA`s training programm, called "Blackbriar". The CIA denies every relationship to the rifleman. The Guardian 18.02.2012 CIA debouches informations about the training program The rifleman who is responsible for the massacre at the Four-Dragons-Casino and the assassination of an employee of cluckin bell has passed the training programm, which is called "Blackbriar". This has been confirmed by a leading CIA servant. Furthermore, the CIA admits, that the contact to one of the operatives has been lost almost three years before. The Guardian 23.03.2012 CIA publishes documents After getting presured by publicity the government forced the CIA to publicize the records, which contain information about the training programm. The rifelman, alias "Raptor 5", also known as "The Chicken" or "The Scared Crow" was one of the first trainees of the programm. After passing, she got her first order. The mission failed, and the contact to Raptor 5 broke off. Quoting the person in authority: "Raptor is extremely dangerous. She usually acts sneaky and then tries to leave the crime scene immediately, what gave her the nickname. Her psychologic diagnostic says, that The Cicken is highly mad in the brain, but also a perfect killing machine, which plans her actions accurate. Since an accident caused by an faulty explosive, she has lost some of his memories. We assume that she cant differentiate between enemy and friend, which leads to colleteral damage and even more victims. Raptor has no specific home, but some other habits: The killings generally get conducted with using m4 and grenades, seldom a sniper rifle. The favourite vehicle is the NRG 500, a fast motorbike. She has also been seen driving with a yellow-black speedboat or a black Infernus. Sometimes there is a helicopter near her, supporting him by attacking enemy by air. Looking at the victims, there are no special groups she symphatises. The same is for the victims: UVA, Terrorists, Pro and so forth - all of them are on the killing list - the gang leaders preferred. We think that her aim is to let us feel the things we did to her. So she wants to annoy and to pick a fight."

The name is Izy i was born right after the great depression i live in the Section 18 hood and this is my gang and i run it this is a cool place as loads of my broz live near me anyways today was a big day for me because this was the day that my hood almost got took over first i went to check up on my homies aand see if everything was cool then i went back to my yard and called my bro to help me also we told our sister to go to our mums house for cover we then rushed to the ballas and finished them off after we killed them the San Andreas news showed up so we rode our bikes to our yard then i told my bro that the ballas tried to take over our home so lets blow the balla territory up and steal some of their sweet rides then we got back to the hood and we parked the rides in the garage and then we didnt have no problem from anyone from now on but as they say they will come back one day and that day will be biggest day of your life i hope u liked reading my story and character profile Best Regards R.I.P Tupac Shakur R.I.P Biggie Smalls we love u and always will remain in our heart

[UVA]Scooby-haha yeah yeah, sadly u guys did such good jobs, id have to spend a whole night making one just to live up to the standards... maybe when i have more spare time
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