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Re: Suggestions

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I was remembering that in GTA there is a trick for CJ to shoot while driving. If I remember correctly, I think I have seen it on other servers as well. Im not sure if this can be simply activated from the server or you have to download some kind of MOD.

My idea here is, that this is added for those who have VIP, another benefit. I dont think its a problem, I see it as something simple and it would be good to use it for those who follow the case holder.

Or it could also be bought at S shop for all players and activated from the vehicle when you get in to drive. It should be expensive to buy and has a limited time of use, or until you get out of the vehicle and have to activate a new one, or have to wait 1 hour to activate it again.

On second thought, it should be like stealth mode. When killing just one player, you would not be able to shoot anymore and have to wait a certain amount of time to activate it again. Otherwise everyone would be killing from the car and never get out, this would be easy.

Download link: ... o.rar/file

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Re: Suggestions

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shooting while driving was removed because it was so annoying.
I dont want to re-add it, we've been managing fine without it for so long now, i dont see the point brining it back.
and shooting while doing case is so annoying... id be more inclined to remove it altogether.
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