Self-update! (+Challenge)

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Self-update! (+Challenge)

Post by [UVA]Richie »

Hello fellas!
Just wanted to let you guys know that I won't be able to play for the next possible 2 months because of my trip to the UK!
Just before I left, did a little mischief in the game and made all my houses open to visitors.

Here's the deal!

- I will give $1.2million to the first person who puts the pictures of all my 12 houses until I return to the game under this post!
- Also an additional +$800k to the first person who puts the pictures of my 8 houses in my back-up account Richie.Jr!

The real deal starts here, I didn't unlocked those 8 houses! But I can tell you that the houses are located at central areas.
So don't call on the ends! LS, LV, SF only!

The total amount of sweet $2million!


This is to avoid clutter! Screenshots has to be posted under the scheme follows;
You can use the code [!url=yourURLhere]Your text here[/url] (Don't forget to delete "!")

[UVA]Richie, House 1
[UVA]Richie, House 2
Richie.Jr, House 1
Richie.Jr, House 1


See the sample screenshots below;

Sample 1
Sample 2

That's not mine!

Don't forget to bring your beer while visiting the houses :)

PS. I'd prefer to keep the money in my pocket! So don't try too hard to find them or as you wish! :P

Catch you guys later, R out!
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Re: Self-update! (+Challenge)

Post by [UVA]Scooby »

I guess i better not take part... i think i could find them too easily :mrgreen:

Where are you going to in the UK?
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Re: Self-update! (+Challenge)

Post by [UVA]Jack »

I'll do it for 10m :D

He probably went to [UVA]Duff , take care urself up there !
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Re: Self-update! (+Challenge)

Post by [UVA]Nicole »

I prob could do this lol but I don't need the money and I haven't been around to much going on lol 🤣 dealing with my DUI for pot but gl to whoever does this and have a safe and wonderful trip 😁
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