More trash

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Re: More trash

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Is it a waste of time to talk to someone who bans a person just for killing him, just as you did with Nestea again, serious feet as using hacks? Maybe you get angry because time passes and do not improve in your skills when killing, now Nestea uses hack for you? You are very surprised that someone does what you can never do you give me grief friend, you try to stay in front of your boss but in the game you are another and you are not man enough to accept your mistakes, you keep talking and talking but you never give me an answer as to why you did that why u banned me? Just kill you and you gave me ban you are too funny and immature.
Yes, for you I am the one of the problems but I am honest enough to accept when I am wrong as did your partner and now we are fine, LEARN TO RECOGNIZE YOUR MISTAKES, TAHT'S ALL🤙
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Re: More trash

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A few weeks ago I banned this kid cus he was playing with a fake account with the [UVVA] clan, after that, the times I join server this player starts insulting me and saying shit. This person is the least indicated to do shit reports like this. This topic should be locked and he must leave server along with his threats. Regards! :D
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Re: More trash

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DaemonsOne wrote: Sun Nov 21, 2021 5:08 pm it was a pleasure to have enjoyed this great server, but its time to go
no problem, see ya.