jail for nothing :((

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jail for nothing :((

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-Liridon jailing me for killing me and saying never come my last warning
-Punishing me for killing her
-Liridon puts a lot of pressure on us
- Can't play games out of fear
- There are many People like me They can't complain about fear
- Founder Please help these Players
-And Liridon warn please

DaiMon :((:(
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Re: jail for nothing :((

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[21-02-23 10:28:12] CHAT(1): FSK-DaiMon: : shut up u mothers my penis .İ.
[21-02-23 10:27:48] CHAT(1): FSK-DaiMon: : u mothers familh fuck

maybe it was for abuse like this?

I dont know, Jail is for when you have done something, maybe you abused, insulted, or spammed.
I opened the log and found those 2 lines within 10 seconds and that was from 2 weeks ago.

There were other comments with you swearing, and i only had a quick look at the English words.
I refuse to waste more time on this.

If you are going to complain.. make sure you are innocent first.