Unmuted Plase <3

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Unmuted Plase <3

Post by DaiMon01 »

Plase Unmuted :((((( I'm so sorry
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Re: Unmuted Plase <3

Post by [UVA]Scooby »

what are you sorry about?

if you wish to be unmuted, which seems like a daily thing for you,
you need to explain why you think we should unmute you and apologise.

then we will decide if we think you have learned your lesson.
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Re: Unmuted Plase <3

Post by [UVA]Liridon »

what about no?

he has 4 accounts, at first he was muted on daimon only but as you seen in pics, hes joining on his other accounts to insult or say bad word

warned him to join on his muted accounts ( cuz he was evading the mute)

First pic Dmx|-DaiMon- : at amk pici , sikerim seni göt lalesi ( do it fucking bastard, i'll fuck ur ass)

2 pic Daimon... : Dont run oc andres anani bacini domaltim ( don't run son of bitch andres, your mother and sister ill fuck)



So i don't see the point why he should be unmute.