Clan Tag Protection

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Clan Tag Protection

Post by [UVA]Trix »

Here you can ask a protection for your clan. Add a leader(s) and get some powers to control your members.

To get the clan tag protection, here is what you need:
  • You should have a clan with at least 4 members.
  • The clan have to be made from at least 1 month before asking the clan tag protection and confirmed by an admin that the members are active.
  • Your clan should have things like this: [exemple] - (exemple) - {exemple}
  • You should be in the game when [UVA]Scooby or [UVA]Liridon joins so they add you as a leader.
Here is what you should post:
  • Clan name. Only those tags can be used: [Clan name] - {Clan name} - (Clan name) - |Clan name|
  • Founder/leader(s):
  • Creation date:
  • Clan members:
  • Why your clan should have protection?:

Leader panel: Type /regplayer to add and remove members from your clan.

Please note: Do not re-post if you do not get answered. Just wait and you will know if your can have the protection or not.

Do no simply remove clan members with your panel without giving them a chance to remove their tag. This means they will need to be in the clan for at least 48 hours after changing names (you will not be able to add them for a day then remove them because the nickshop will not allow it for 48 hours).

Do not just remove them because you no longer want them in your clan. You must give them the chance to remove their tag and keep their account.

Removing them before this, will block their account and cause more work for the admins to resolve.

If you have a member in your clan that refuses to remove their tag, please speak to an UVA member.

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Re: Clan Tag Protection

Post by Rex »


Clan name:Image[INT]
Creation date:September 28th, 2020
Clan members:[INT]ProFessor, [INT]CnaxX, [INT]Clown, [INT]Xmen, [INT]Jamz
Why your clan should have protection?I wan't to handle the PH players for not breaking the UVA rule's and regulations. I can discipline my members because all of my members we have a trusting me. Then i hope you to trust me. Thank you for read and listening my post. so notice me :)
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Re: Clan Tag Protection

Post by [UVA]Scooby »

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