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Forum Rules

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This is just to confirm if STAFF happy with these rules. If yes, they will stick. If you want anything altered/added, please comment below. NO SPAMMING!

If STAFF members not able to provide higher punishment, please, post topic with evidence in "Report A Player" section and higher STAFF will take action.

1) Don't act trollish.

2) Don't double post.

3) Don't insult or be nasty to people.

4) Multiple account usage is not allowed.

5) Don't post blatantly invalid admin reports.

6) Don't request locks for topics you didn't make.

7) Names must be appropriate and an actual name.

8) Don't post things that have already been posted.

9) Don't post false, incorrect or dishonest information.

10) Use your brain. If you don't have one, don't post on this forum.

11) Anything related to religion or sexual content is not permitted on this forum.

12) Don't make purposeless not worth reading, non-constructive or off-topic posts.

13) Don't post or link to pornographic, disgusting or generally inappropriate content.

14) Don't post in "Unban Request" or any STAFF related topics you aren't involved in.

15) The "General Chat" section is for things that don't fit into any of the other sections.

16) Bumping/Upping topics is not allowed. You must be patient and wait for a response.

17) Don't post illegal content or link to illegal content including copyright infringing content.

18) Don't send private messages to STAFF members about bans, irrelevancies or anything else they don't want in their inbox.

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