Why did you ban me

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Why did you ban me

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they silenced me permanently but they silenced him normally they called me a traitor and I got banned when I write from another account to find out why I was silenced

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Re: Why did you ban me

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So I know the all story so you can’t talk like you aren’t guilty. So I perm muted you because you making provoke and insults and you taking screenshots. So your report doesn’t working this time because I was there I know the all story. You got perm muted because your provoking and insults. Fero got normal muted because fero was patient of your provoking. So that’s ok since now. Let me explain your ban right now. You changed your acc after this happened and started to talk. That’s means is you escaped from mute and you started talk just like what you were. That’s why I banned you. That’s it.

Next time be sure you aren’t guilty before you report someone. I’ll eye on you.