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Re: Join The Clan

Post by RusTy »

1) Ping entre 150-170
2) I speak and write fluently in English and Spanish.
3) I play UVA server since 2013, so I have 7-8 years playing, I know all the server rules.
4) FPS Always on 55-62


2)I think they should see new members from my country, there are few administrators who speak Spanish and also most of the players do not know English and do not know what to do
I have the knowledge to join the clan, I will take into account the advice of the boss, I want to join the clan and be able to do things well if they give me the opportunity, I will not miss it, Greetings to all the players of the best server in the MTA!
I also want to improve the relationship between the players :))
I think that it is better to be a good player in the sense that he does things well to a Pro player by killing...
3)Jerson Valle / 18 years /
4)I like to use the m4, help win the cases, make base with friends, do business with houses and make good friends on the server, I am friendly, kind, and I like to help new players in anything.

Thanks by:Rusty
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Re: Join The Clan

Post by Cerbero »

Hi to all players and admins of the UVA server.

- My Ping is: 150/170.
- My english and spanish is fluent.
- I play server regularly.
- I have the FPS in: (61)(62)

- My Name is: Cerbero ;)
- My name in real life is: Jhon
- My age: 17 years old
- Clan leader: [Deadly]
- E-mail:
- I wait patiently for acceptance and being part of the UVA, i have been playing for several years, i can be very useful in everything, i do Jobs with friends, and also bases, i am very friendly, Attentive, i also do well in robberies, very agile for m4 is my specialty, i really like races, dd's and also kill much face to face apart from everything i analyze bugs and external programs in general i can help a lot, i have a good relationship with players and administrators, we are all here to show mutual respect. :D

Greetings I look forward to your acceptance thank you :lol:
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Re: Join The Clan

Post by Strike »

1)Ping is usually between 70 and 100
2)I can speak English I can express myself I love to speak English because
3)I am active in the game for 15 hours a day
4)Fps normally always between 50 and 61

1)My name in the game is Strike
2)previous clan [-Master-]
3)My name İs Mustafa I am seventeen years old
4)We win very good battles with my friends in the game and I play m4 well

Thank you very much.
By Strike.
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Re: Join The Clan

Post by Marchella »

Hello everyone. :)
I would like to join the UVA clan membership, I have been playing on the server since 2011 I think it will be useful for the server as a whole. All the members of the UVA clan are on good terms. I think a Russian-speaking person will be useful to the clan, because a lot of people came and they need help.

I like to create bases with friends, to defend .. I really liked the update of the "Shooter" server, but how could it be without a dismatch..
1. My nick name in game Marchella*, real name Aleksandr
2. Age 23 years
3. Email
4. i have ping 40-50
5. FPS - 60

Thanks for attention ;)
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Re: Join The Clan

Post by NitroX »

Hello everyone :D
I would like to be part of the UVA clan, I have been playing since 2012, I can be of great help, I would be online every day, and as there are new users, a Spanish-speaking UVA would be useful to help new users.
I like to create bases and I am good with the M4
1.My in-game nickname is NitroX , REAL NAME = Dilan
2.Age 19
3.Email =
4.I have ping 170-160
5.FPS 60-50
THX FOR SEE :idea:

BY:NitroX (:
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Re: Join The Clan

Post by MaR. »

Hola a todos :D
me gustaría ser parte del clan UVA, llevo jugando desde 2010, puedo ser de gran ayuda, estaría en línea todos los días, y como hay nuevos usuarios, una UVA de habla hispana sería útil para ayudar a los nuevos usuarios.
Me gusta crear bases y soy bueno con el M4
1.Mi apodo en el juego es MaR
2.Edad 19
4.Tengo ping 170-160
5.FPS 60-50
:? :?
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Re: Join The Clan

Post by Hesanz. »

Greetings server players, i play since 2014 it would be good to have administrators who speak Spanish and English to help new players who come to the server, i am always active and would be of great help, if they give me an opportunity i never lose , You could also donate money regularly for the benefit of the server

1) Ping 160/170
2) My English is fluent
3) I play every day and at all hours
4) FPS Between 50-60

1-My name in the game is Hasanz.
2-My real name is Josue
3-Age: 17
4-I like to chase the case, make bases with friends and kill, I'm good with the m4 and sniper
I look forward to your response
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