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Join The Clan

Post by [UVA]Scooby »

Ultimate Vice Assassins - Formed on 13/04/2004

If you want to join the clan, please post here:
  • This is not a chat section on who should be recruited, or reasons why you may have been rejected, please make a new topic to discuss that.
  • Do not post here for any other reason other than requesting to join UVA.
  • Do not expect an answer straight away, once places become available, people who have posted here will be reviewed and contacted.
  • Do not pester admins asking when this will be, you will be contacted or spoken to in the server.
  • People who constantly ask about their application will be rejected.
  • If you want to be in our clan, be patient, we're in this clan to stay and want our new members to stay too.
  • If you want to be in a new clan the same day you apply and have full admin status, please do not post here... UVA is not for you.
General requirements:
1) Your ping must be below an average of 250. This used to be 120 but pings seems a little higher in MTA SA.
2) You must speak fluent English. There's no point asking to join if you cant get involved with us and our conversations.
3) You must play in our server on a regular basis so we can get to know you.
4) You must be able to play with an average FPS of above 20.

Applicants. Please, post stating:
1) Your game name.
2) Previous clan info.
3) Name/age/any additional contact details.
4) Any information you might think to be relevant to your application (this might be something you're good at or what you like to do in the server).
IE: You prefer long Range/Close combat/RPG/DM/Racing, etc... Or maybe even your skills with certain weapons.

After you post here, please do not beg members/admins to help you get accepted, be patient. If you really want to be in our clan, I'm sure you can wait.

Rejected applicants:
If you are declined a place in our clan, you will be told why. This might be because your English isn't as good as you think or other reasons which you will be told at the time. In some cases, your application may still be reviewed again at a later date.

  • If you have other things you need/want to say, please make a new topic.
  • If we allow people to chat here, it makes it more difficult when we have to sift through all the posts to find out who we want to recruit.
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Admin apply

Post by byRucky »

1) My game name : [Nero]Rucky
2) Previous clan : [Nero]
3) My real name is Bünyamin and I'm 19 years old.
4) I'm playing with 50-60 fps
5) I would like to be a member of uva family, i am playing on this server 3-4 years, im so quiet guy, respect rules, i like to fight with players, doing base with my friends, i am good with m4
6) I think i could be a good admin for uva

Thank you,best Regards Rucky...
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Admin apply

Post by Junnior »

Hi all :)
I hope you accept my application as a new member of the UVA, I have been on the server for some years, and a good friendship between administrators / players, I have good knowledge of the server,
I can also be very useful, I am good at cases, bases, jobs and I am also good at killing

1 * My name Junnior
2 * Age 20 years
3 * Email
4 * I have ping from 160 to 190
5 * My fps is 60

Thank you all :)
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Apply for UVA

Post by Hemant »

Hello [UVA]Scooby and all member's. :D

My game_name is Hemant. I don't use any clan.

Name = Hemant

Age = 19

Email =

insta_handle = @_hemant_kr_yadav_

I like to do tycoon jobs and making bases with friends and I go little bit for robberies also.

Also, I have UVA friends like [UVA]Siddhant , [UVA]Nicole , [UVA]Pantha , [UVA]Shorty ,[UVA]Trix , [UVA]Liridon ,[UVA]Trinity,[UVA]Spakye.

My best skills with M4 , Sniper and Colt-45 .

Thank you,

By: Hemant 8-)
Hemant 8-)
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