Chat icons error

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Chat icons error

Post by [UVA]Trix »

Hi Scooby. Check out these chat icons that need to be fixed.

Here you can see that in this you cannot read the word that says inside.

Image Fixed ➜➜➜ Image

In this one colors have disappeared.

Image Fixed ➜➜➜ Image

The one that is already in the server is 128x128, it is the correct size but it looks very bad. This one over here is 180x180 and may look better. You decide how to make it look better.

Image Image

Here is the original 128x128 but it looks horrible on the server. Image
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Re: Chat icons error

Post by [UVA]Scooby »

thanks, i'll add them.

The Doce one is now smaller and the Brown one is still tiny.
we have 128x128, we should use all 128 when possible.