Provoking and insults

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Provoking and insults

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These players continue to provoke and insult me, [UVA]Ron may not understand much in Spanish, but here in Ecuador it is an insult and both these players and I are Ecuadorians, so they are insulting me, you can ask [UVA]Junnior for Please, I hope he answers honestly and can confirm that these players insult me.
I hope they do something about it. Thanks
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Re: Provoking and insults

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Why you keep saying I dont understan spanish? I probably speak and write much much better than you...

Again, none of those pictures show insults against you... I dont agree. I didnt call you a "niña" never, that is something stupid Jackson misunderstood. What I've said was that you all should stop crying for these silly words.

You better go in game, make friends and enjoy, mate. You are mature enough to be angry with two kids that says you have a big nose bro.